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18 Januari 2008

You can't rush perfection, but now you can file bugs against it

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We expected a lot of attention when we launched the early look of the Android SDK, and that's certainly what we got! Developers haven't been shy in speaking their minds on our Discussion Groups, and we've been listening. We've also been hard at work on Android, and meanwhile the Developer Challenge has been heating up and the submissions have started coming in.

We've been improving that "early look" and are preparing for the next big SDK release, so it's time to take the whole thing up a notch. As we move toward the first handsets, it's time to formalize the process, and the first step in that is to enable an issue tracker for developers to submit feedback.

I know a great many developers have been waiting eagerly for this, so I'm very pleased to be able to say that the Issue Tracker on the Android project on Google Code Project Hosting is now open for business. You can find the Issue Tracker here:

We're now actively tracking that system, and we invite developers to file an issue to let us know about any problems you find with the SDK.

When you submit an issue, remember that the more detail you can give, the more likely the issue is to be addressed. (We especially enjoy the subtle and delicious flavors of reproducible sample code.) Of course, you'll still be able to ask for answers and advice on the Discussion Groups, so don't stop posting there. We'll be reviewing submitted issues regularly and keeping the database up to date, so that you can rely on it as a reliable and timely resource.

I think just about everyone will find this useful -- I know I definitely will. Happy coding, and now: happy reporting!