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26 May 2009

Android Icon Guidelines

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For our second post in our series on Android UI, we're releasing our Icon Design Guidelines and an Android Icon Templates Pack. These should make it a lot easier for you (or your designer) to develop all the icons your applications need, so they fit with the other icons in the Android environment.

The Icon Design Guidelines document describes how to design and export icons that fit within the Android framework. It includes a wealth of detail about icons in the Home screen, menus, the status bar, tabs, dialogs, and lists.

The Android Icon Templates Pack is a collection of template designs, filters, and settings that make it easier for you to create icons that conform to the general specifications given in this Guidelines document. We recommend downloading the template pack archive before you get started with your icon design.

The Templates Pack provides templates in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator file formats, which preserves the layers and design treatments we used when creating the standard icons for the Android platform. You can load the template files into any compatible image-editing program, although your ability to work directly with the layers and treatments may vary based on the program you are using.