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28 April 2010

More Blogginess

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a rare (in this space) blog about blogging. My name is Tim Bray, and I’m the new editor of this Android Developers’ Blog. I am only a student of Android, but I’m a veteran blogger, I’m part of the Android team, and they’ve given me a pretty free hand to find and publish the interesting stories. I’m expecting to enjoy this and hope you will too.
The work on Android is done at various places around the world, but in Mountain View, California there’s a building on the Google campus with an Android statue in front of it, positioned among dessert-themed sculptures that illustrate the major platform releases to date.

As of now, this blog has a header image taken from where some of the Android work happens, behind the statuary looking out. There are a ton of places on the Internet where you can read people’s opinions about what’s happening next with Android, and a lot of them are good. The one you’re reading now is the one that’s written from the inside looking out.


This space has been used mostly in a just-the-facts press-release-flavored way and, while that’s been useful, I thought it could be livelier. Because, even after only a few weeks’ exposure to what’s going on here, I’ve discovered that there are a ton of interesting Android stories, and while some of them probably have to be secrets, there are more than enough we can tell to crank up the interest level here.
I offered this opinion internally, loudly and repeatedly, and Android management surprised me by coming back with “OK, it’s your problem now.”


I’m not going to write everything here; I’m going to track down the people who actually do the creative Android-building work and get them to tell their own stories. I will bend over backward to make sure the articles have the voices of the people who write them.
We will go on being a source for hard opinion-free just-the-facts Android news. But I’d like to surround each burst of that with a cluster of reportage about what it means and how we think it will affect the Android communities.
The immediate future is going to be pretty intense, because we’re only a few weeks away from Google I/O, and I don’t think that I’m telling any secrets when I say that there will be Android-related announcements at that event. So the problems that come with the new job probably won’t include scaring up content.
The first new-flavor post is going to be on a currently-hot subject, multitasking and background processing, written by an engineer at the center of the Android universe.
Wish me luck, and stay tuned!