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18 May 2010

Stand By...

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I'm posting this from Moscone West, the site of Google I/O 2010. Some things that it may be useful to know:

  • The official hash tag is #io2010

  • The keynotes will be live-blogged all over the place (thus, not here) and also live-streamed on YouTube.

  • If you're mad because you couldn't get a ticket, we're sorry, but you're not alone. We have filled Moscone West to the very absolute splitting-at-the-seams max. There are a ton of Googlers who couldn't get in.

Roman Nurik speaks at the Google I/O 2010 Bootcamp

Things have already started; above is our own Roman Nurik giving the first Android session at the pre-IO Bootcamp.

Android area for Google I/O 2010

Above are the signs over the Android part of the main gathering area. There are many tantalizing display cases and tabletops; gleaming and empty now, but not for long.


Thursday is the big Android day at Google I/O. There will be announcements. We're going to try to use this blog to deliver more depth and perspective than you can expect from an executive on a stage in a keynote. So we've lined up a whole lot of blog posts; more than any human could be expected to read in a day.

The plan is to have a couple of posts on Thursday summarizing and highlighting what we think are probably the big-news stories. Then we'll have more detailed technical pieces every other day or so for the next couple of weeks, filling in the details behind the announcements. It's heart-warming how eager the engineers are to tell the world about what they've been building, and it makes me happy to facilitate the process.

There are other Google blogs that are going to be working hard too, telling the other stories coming out of this gathering. We'll post some links to things that seem particularly newsworthy, either to the world in general or to the Android comunity in particular.

Stay tuned!