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11 June 2010

Blogging Round the World

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It seems that once or twice a week, I run across an Android-developer-oriented site that I hadn’t previously noticed. There are already a few aggregators and directories, and I think we’re going to need more. But for the moment, here are three pieces of bloggy Android goodness, from Florida, Odessa (Ukraine!), and Sydney. What they have in common is that I previously hadn't encountered any of them.

Font Magic

This is from Florida-based Jeff Vera’s Musings of the Bare Bones Coder, which, although it advertises itself as being about “Coding and managing in the .NET space”, recently ran the excellent Android Development – Using Custom Fonts. You’ve always been able to use your own fonts in your own apps, but the how-to coverage has been light.

How Hot Is It?

Ivan Memruk from Odessa, Ukraine, brings us Mind The Robot, which has a refreshing concern for visual elegance. Speaking of which, soak up the analog steampunk tastiness of Android Custom UI: Making a Vintage Thermometer.

Aussie Rules

In this case, I mean rules for getting your Android project set up for use both via Eclipse and command-line Ant. Daniel Ostermeier and Jason Sankey from Sydney run the Android-dense a little madness, and lay the rules out in Setting Up An Android Project Build. Lots of steps; but very handy for a command-line guy like me.