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07 July 2010

Android Love at OSCON

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Android developers who aren't already going should take a moment to check out the OSCON 2010 schedule, and give serious thought to a trip to Portland in a couple of weeks. OSCON is one of the world's premiere events for those who care about Open Source, and one of my personal favorite conferences, with a powerful community vibe. And this year, the Android drums are sounding.

There are a bunch of mobile and Android-related sessions, both pure and extremely impure; for example, I bet both Steve Jobs and I are dubious about Cross-Compiling Android Applications to the iPhone. There's a full-dress Android for Java Developers tutorial. And (the one I helped cook up) there's the Android Hands-On; last I heard, registration for that is approaching 200 and, since O'Reilly found us a big room, it's not full up; but it will be.

On top of which, there are going to be a herd of Googlers at OSCON, and a sub-herd of Androiders, including Dan Morrill and Justin Mattson and me. This isn't surprising; what does surprise me is that OSCON hasn't previously been an Android love-fest. Because if you're interested in mobile devices and have a hankering for Open Source, Android is for you.