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22 March 2012

New Sales Reports on Google Play

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[This post is by Debashish Chatterjee, Krishna Atkuru, and Ellie Powers of the Google Play Publisher Site team. —Dirk Dougherty]

For app publishers, complete and timely sales reporting is incredibly useful for managing a business on Google Play. Today we are introducing a new financial tool — Estimated Sales Reports — to give you visibility over ongoing product sales and help you support customers between payout cycles.

The new sales reports show you complete transaction details of recent sales and refunds for all products in your developer account, including both in-app products and paid apps. Each report is a cumulative for the current payout period, updated nightly with the details of recent transactions. As customers complete purchases and their accounts are charged (or refunds are applied), the new transaction details are appended to the Estimated Sales Report. Depending on account timezone differences, transactions appear on the estimated sales report within 2 days of completion. Finally, at the close of the monthly payout cycle, the current Estimated Sales Report is archived and a new report is created for the next cycle.

You can access current or past sales reports from the “Merchant Reports” section of the Developer Console. The Estimated Sales Reports are downloadable CSV (comma-separated values) files, so you can analyze the data using any tools you choose, in the same way as you've been doing for payout reports. The sales reports list the same details as payout reports — buyer and order, product, device information, amount, currency of sale, and more — except without final payment details. This makes it easier for you to reconcile recorded sales against your actual payouts. Estimated sales reports are available with data starting February 1, 2012.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to rename our existing “Merchant Sales Reports” to Monthly Payout Reports, to better reflect their content.

Together with the application statistics introduced last month, the Estimated Sales and Monthly Payout Reports give you a more complete view of your products’ download and sales activity over time. We hope you’ll find them useful. As always, please feel free to give us feedback through the Developer Help Center.

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