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07 October 2015

Keep users’ content safe with Google Drive

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Posted by Dan McGrath, Product Manager, Drive SDK & Partnerships

Chances are, you’re developing an app that creates or manages data. And chances are, your users really care about that content — be it photos and documents, or calorie counts and exercise stats.

Whatever it is, you probably don’t want it stuck on a single device — especially since people are replacing their phones and tablets every couple of years (every now and then… shtuff happens). With Google Drive, you can help users access their data at any time, from just about anywhere:

  • Drive APIs give developers a free and easy way to save and retrieve user content using Google Drive
  • In Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there’s also a new way to save app data and settings to Drive automatically

As your app grows in popularity, Google Drive can scale along with it. In fact, WhatsApp now lets users back up their media and conversations to Google Drive, which translates to about one saved item for every person on the planet — every single day.

Visit our developer site to learn more, and definitely reach out if you want to discuss more in-depth integrations. We’re here to help make your app great, and to keep users’ content safe.