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17 May 2016

Building better mobile apps for work

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Posted by Matt Goodridge - Google Play for Work Product Manager

Last year, we introduced Android for Work, a program designed to pair the strength of the Android platform with support from the rich ecosystem of OEMs (device manufacturers like Samsung), EMMs (Enterprise Mobility Managers) and carriers with the goal of transforming the workplace. This means that developers get the support they need to develop apps that configure to meet business needs without customization.
With Android for Work, developers have been able to build apps for business and make them available via Google Play for Work to all types of industries. No matter the place or use case, Android for Work has helped lead businesses to foster employee productivity and creativity through increased mobility.
Today we are announcing the Android for Work DevHub, a place for developers to keep up with Android in the workplace and engage fellow business app developers in an open forum. Android for Work DevHub members will receive access to Google Play for Work and Android for Work product betas and developer events and will have the opportunity to learn from Google experts on topics like how to:
  • leverage tools and resources provided by the AppConfig Community, which established a standard that provides Android developers a simple way set up app configurations,
  • improve app security by integrating with Android for Work APIs,
  • get an app featured on Google Play for Work,
  • and more…
Among the early members of the Android for Work DevHub is Keeper, a mobile-first company committed to securing corporate credentials and sensitive information. Darren Guccione, Keeper’s CEO and co-founder, said: “Having our team be able to talk with Google experts as a part of the Android for Work DevHub has been very helpful in optimizing Keeper, as an essential product, for the workplace.” In addition to Keeper, select developers across an array of industries are already represented in the Android for Work DevHub, and—starting today—any business developer can apply to become a member, too.
To learn more about Android for Work, join us at Google I/O Thursday, May 19th at 2pm on Stage 10 Cassiopeia. I’ll be joined live on stage with James Kelly, product manager in Android for Work and Rich Hyndman, and Android developer advocate, to walk through the latest developments in Android for Work that will help you make awesome apps for businesses and to meet the Android for Work team in-person at our shop to see the Android for Work retail experience.