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08 Aralık 2016

How augmented reality helps you buy furniture and capture Pokémon

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Posted by Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Lead, Google Play

Online furniture seller Wayfair and Niantic's Pokémon GO have more in common than you might think. Both of these companies use augmented reality to create innovative, immersive experiences for their users. I sat down with Mike Festa, Director of Wayfair Next, and Tatsuo Nomura, Product Manager for Pokémon GO, at our recent Playtime event to discuss how developers can make the most of AR as a platform.

From 3D furniture modelling in WayfairView using Tango, to logging countless miles catching Pokémon, hear how these developers are innovating with AR, and get their advice for others looking to use AR in their apps and games.

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