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Android Dev Challenge Finale: Weather app

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Posted by Jolanda Verhoef, Developer Relations Engineer

Let your creativity shine in the final week of the #AndroidDevChallenge! Last week we asked you to be fast, but for this final week we ask you to bring your 'A' game. Here’s the challenge:

Week #4: Weather app 🌤

Android 12 logo

Create a single-screen weather forecast app. You have until March 23rd, 23:59 PST to submit your entry.1

Your UI must be fully built in Compose. You can use fake weather data.

We will judge your submission on these four categories:

  1. Visual beauty
  2. Novelty of idea
  3. Code quality
  4. Overall execution (including accessibility)

To help implement a beautiful design, check out the Compose documentation on layouts, theming, and graphics. Think of novel uses of animations and gestures. Improve your code quality with architecture and testing. And for overall execution, make sure to read about accessibility.

Your solution must be implemented in a public GitHub repository. Make a copy of this Github repository template and follow the instructions in the README. The template contains a basic Hello World! in Compose and a continuous integration setup.

The App Submission must, at a minimum, support English language use.

This week’s prize: 5 x Google Pixel 5!

Google pixel

This week you have a chance of winning a Google Pixel 5, the ultimate 5G Google phone! We’ll be giving away one Google Pixel 5 for the winner of each of the four categories, and one for the best of the best submission.2

Help make Jetpack Compose better

Community is at the heart of Jetpack Compose and your feedback helps us build a better product:

  • File issues with Jetpack Compose on the official issue tracker.
  • Sign up to be part of the Jetpack Compose research studies.


  1. Please review the link for the full official rules associated with the entry. 

  2. If you don’t live in a country where the Pixel 5 is available, when you win we’ll instead send you an electronics gift card valued at US$699.