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10 March 2023

Withings reduces 50% of its data sync code by streamlining health and fitness API integrations with Health Connect

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Posted by the Android team

French consumer electronics company Withings hosts one of the largest ecosystems of digital health and wellness products in the world. The company’s products include smart watches, smart scales, blood pressure monitors, and its own health-tracking application. Formerly known as Health Mate, the Withings application gives Withings users an easy way to track all of their health information—like activity, weight, ECG records, and sleep—obtained from Withings devices.

While Withings works to create a central hub for its users to access their health-related data, the number of devices and applications for monitoring health has grown substantially. And as health and fitness data spread across multiple platforms, it can be difficult for users to easily track and analyze this information.

To extend access to additional metrics and give Withings users a chance to use the application with their non-Withings apps and devices, Withings integrated Health Connect, Android’s latest API offering that gives users a simpler way to consolidate and share their health and fitness data across applications.

Health data is more powerful together

Before integrating Health Connect, Withings users had to manually activate which health and fitness apps could sync data to and from the Withings app. Now, thanks to Health Connect, its users can grant permissions to new health and fitness applications and automatically sync their data to the Withings app, letting them find their data in one easy-to-manage place.

“We integrated Health Connect in Withings app to grow our health sphere and offer a more complete experience to our users by supporting a wider range of data,” said Sophie Zecri, a mobile software engineer at Withings. “Health Connect helped us create a richer health-tracking interface and a more efficient overview for users.”

By uniting health data using the Health Connect API, Withings application offers its users a more holistic view of their health and makes it easier to develop a deeper understanding of key health insights with the data they gather.

For instance, Withings’ users can now combine their other workout- or calorie-tracking applications with the Withings app. By doing this, users can more easily track how changes in one area of their health may be affecting another. Additionally, the Withings app can provide greater guidance and more specialized programs to meet each user's unique needs, such as specific dietary recommendations and recipes or more specialized exercise programs.

Withings also wanted the data available through the Withings application to be accessible in its users' other health and fitness apps. Integrating with Health Connect made this possible. “We wanted to extend access to additional metrics, giving our users a chance to use Withings devices with their other applications,” said Sophie.

Ensuring that users felt in control of their data was also a top priority for the Withings team. They saw Health Connect as a powerful tool that’s equally secure for both Withings and its users. With Health Connect, users can easily manage permissions in one place, with granular controls to see which apps are accessing data at any given time. And for Withings, setting up permission checks was as easy as dropping in a simple piece of code provided by Health Connect.

Simplify connectivity between apps with Health Connect

The amount of work required to connect with other third-party health and fitness applications was Withings’ biggest roadblock to giving its users access to additional syncs. All the APIs for every other app, with all their unique code, made integrations complex and expensive for Withings to maintain.

“Connecting with other apps’ APIs was onerous. Any changes had to be repeated for every API, which meant expanding the codebase and increasing the risk of bugs that could impact Withings app’s quality,” said Sophie.

Health Connect lets Withings developers maintain less code while preserving stability and minimizing potential bugs. This translates to a reduced codebase and increased productivity for other projects. By integrating Health Connect with the Withings app, Withings reduced the amount of code related to data sync with third-party applications by 50%.

Headshot of Sophie Zecri, Mobile Software Engineer at Withings, with quote, 'Integrating Health Connect was really rewarding for us. We're thrilled we can enrich the user experience by generating true synergy, letting users  dive deeper into the details of their health aspects.'

Preparing for a future with Health Connect

The Withings team attributes much of its success to the available Android resources for developers looking to integrate Health Connect with their company’s app. Withings developers used the Health Connect UX developer guide to aid the integration, and they used the Health Connect toolbox for testing and to understand how Withings app behaves with other applications that have integrated Health Connect.

The Withings team is excited to support new data types as its product range grows and new biomarker measurements become available. Currently, the company plans to expand its use of Health Connect by adding more data types related to women’s health.

“I would recommend Health Connect to other engineers looking to unite data for its users,” said Sophie. “Health Connect is a powerful, interesting, and easy tool to use.”

Join the many other apps using Health Connect today

Streamline integrations with other health and fitness apps while providing your users with deeper health insights using Health Connect.

Get started by viewing Android’s Introduction to Health Connect. Then, head over to the Health Connect Codelab and learn how you can integrate the Health Connect API today.