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06 June 2023

What it means to be a Google Developer Expert - spotlight stories

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Posted by Dawid Ostrowski, Developer Relations Program Manager, Android Developer

Welcome to our Google Developer Expert series where we highlight some incredible Android GDEs. Through the series they’ll explain how they became GDEs and what it means to them to be part of the community.

If you tuned in to #TheAndroidShow you may have already spotted some familiar faces as our Google Developer Experts helped introduce the Android GDE community.

In our first short episode we’re excited to reintroduce Madona, a Senior Android Developer from the USA. She shares her journey to becoming a GDE, from her first steps as a developer through to the impact of being a GDE on her career.

Madona used her knowledge of Java to build her first app which led her to the Women Techmakers Academy. Fast forward to today and she is now a professional Android developer and Google Developer Expert.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more short videos from Android Google Developer Experts as they share their best advice, tips, and experiences as a GDE. Meet the Android GDEs who’ll be sharing their experiences below:

Headshot of Ahmed, smiling

Meet Ahmed, a Software Engineer from the Netherlands. Ahmed will be explaining how the GDE program has grown from its founding days to now.

Headshot of Zarah, smiling

Meet Zarah, an Android Developer from Australia. Zarah will share her experience as the first woman Android GDE in Australia and how she would encourage more diversity and inclusivity in the Android GDE community.

Headshot of Annyce, smiling

Meet Annyce, Vice President of Engineering from the USA. She’ll share her top career and life advice for other developers.

Headshot of Harun, smiling

Meet Harun, a Software Engineer from Kenya. Harun will share the different routes to becoming a GDE, from contributing to open source to sharing content, there are many ways to share with the Android community.

Headshot of Dinorah, smiling

Last but not least, meet Dinorah, Mobile Lead from Mexico. Dinorah will share how she’s seen the GDE program evolve to help shape the next generation of developers.

Does the community inspire you? Get involved by speaking at your local developer conferences, sharing your latest Android projects, and by not being afraid to experiment with new technology.

Active in the #AndroidDev community? Become an Android Google Developer Expert.