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28 七月 2021

Jetpack Compose is now 1.0: announcing Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI

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Posted by Anna-Chiara Bellini, Product Manager, Nick Butcher, Developer Relations

Today, we're launching version 1.0 of Jetpack Compose, Android's modern, native UI toolkit to help you build better apps faster. It's stable, and ready for you to adopt in production. We have been developing Compose in the open with feedback and participation from the Android community for the last two years. As we reach 1.0, there are already over 2000 apps in the Play Store using Compose - in fact, the Play Store app itself uses Compose! But that’s not all, we have been working with a number of top app developers and their feedback and support has helped us make the 1.0 release even stronger. Square, for instance, told us that by using Compose, they can “focus on things that are unique to Square and their UI infrastructure, rather than solving the broader issue of building a declarative UI framework”. Monzo said Compose allows them to “build higher quality screens more quickly”. And Twitter summed it up nicely: “We love it! ❤️

We designed Compose to make it faster and easier to build native Android apps. With a fully declarative approach, you just describe your UI, and Compose takes care of the rest. As app state changes, your UI automatically updates, making it a lot simpler to build UI quickly. Intuitive Kotlin APIs help you build beautiful apps with way less code, and native access to all existing Android code means you can adopt at your own pace. Powerful layout APIs and code-driven UI make it easy to support different form factors, like tablets and foldables, and Compose support is coming for WearOS, Homescreen Widgets, and more!

This 1.0 release is ready for use in production, offering key features that you need:

  • Interoperable: Compose is built to interoperate with your existing app. You can embed compose UIs within Views or Views within Compose. You can add as little as a single button to a screen, or keep that custom view you’ve created in a now Compose screen.
  • Jetpack Integration: Compose is built to integrate with the Jetpack libraries you already know and love. With integration with Navigation, Paging, LiveData (or Flow/RxJava), ViewModel and Hilt, Compose works with your existing architecture.
  • Material: Compose offers an implementation of Material Design components and theming, making it easy to build beautiful apps that reflect your brand. The Material theming system is easier to understand and trace, without having to consult multiple XML files.
  • Lists: Compose’s Lazy components offer a simple, succinct but powerful way to efficiently display lists of data, with minimal boilerplate.
  • Animation: Compose’s simple and coherent animation APIs make it far easier to delight your app’s users.

New Tools

The fully declarative approach in Jetpack Compose radically changes how you develop UI. To support new workflows and a different way of thinking, we are delivering new tools, designed specifically for Compose, and adding support for Compose to some of our existing tooling.

Compose Preview

The new Compose Preview, available in Android Studio Arctic Fox allows you to see your Composables in different states, light and dark theme, or different font scalings, all at the same time, making component development easier, without having to deploy a whole app to your device. Enhanced with live editing of literals, you can see updates without recompiling your project.

Deploy Preview

If you ever wished to be able to test parts of the UI on a device, without having to navigate through your app to the screen you’re working on, you will like the new Deploy Preview: just create a preview for your Composable, and deploy it on your device for fast iteration.

Compose support in Layout Inspector

Layout Inspector adds support for Composables, so that you can confidently mix Compose with existing Views.

Read more about Compose support in Android Studio Arctic Fox, here.

Sharing our roadmap for Compose

Adopting any new framework requires evaluation, especially something as far reaching as a new UI Toolkit. To help you to make an informed decision whether it’s the right time for you we’re publishing a public roadmap to share our plans to continue to build out Jetpack Compose.

Learning Compose

To help you get composing, we’ve prepared an extensive set of resources for you and your team:

There’s a lot to learn! The Jetpack Compose Pathway provides a step-by-step journey through key codelabs, videos and docs to help guide you.

Enjoy composing!

We really believe that Jetpack Compose is a huge leap forward, making it so much faster and easier to build great UIs; we can’t wait to see what you build with it. Now that Compose is stable at 1.0, it’s time to get started; there’s nothing better than getting right to the code. Happy Composing!