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10 November 2021

#AndroidDevSummit: Jetpack Compose now with Material You

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Posted by Nick Butcher Developer Relations Engineer

The Android Dev Summit last month brought a number of exciting updates to Jetpack Compose, including that Material You, Google's new design language, is now available in Compose. In case you missed it, here's a recap of all the announcements.

New Releases: Jetpack Compose 1.1 beta and compose-material3

We released Jetpack Compose 1.1 beta. This means that new APIs in 1.1 are now stable, offering new functionality and performance improvements. 1.1 includes new features like improved focus handling & touch target sizing or `ImageVector` caching and support for Android 12 stretch overscroll. Compose 1.1 also graduates a number of previously experimental APIs to stable and supports newer versions of Kotlin. We've already updated our samples, codelabs and Accompanist library to work with Compose 1.1.

We released compose-material3. This is a brand new artifact for building Material You UIs with Jetpack Compose. It offers updated components and color system, including support for dynamic color, creating a personalized color palette from a user's wallpaper. This is our first alpha so we welcome your feedback as we continue to add features and iterate on the APIs. Check out the new website to learn more about Material Design 3 and find tools to help you design & build with dynamic color, like the Material Theme Builder.

More Guidance & Documentation for Jetpack Compose

We released a ton of talks about Jetpack Compose, providing deep dives into layout, animation and state, showed how to use Compose across Wear OS, homescreen widgets and Large Screens and held 3 code-alongs; live coding your first Compose app, migrating an existing app or using compose on Wear OS. Finally we held a panel discussion, answering your burning questions about Jetpack Compose and Material.

We also expanded the Compose documentation, including new guides on the Phases of Jetpack Compose, Building Adaptive Layouts and expanded theming guidance including guidance for Material 3.

Tooling updates in Android Studio Bumblebee

At ADS, Android Studio Bumblebee entered Beta, bringing richer support for Jetpack Compose including:

Android Studio Chipmunk canaries also introduced a new template for Compose (and View based) Material 3 applications.

New Project launch webpage


Lastly, we gave a sneak peak of some new tooling for design handoff, enabling you to export components designed in Figma to generate idiomatic Jetpack Compose code. You can iterate on the designs and pull in new changes, and safely edit the generated code. We're looking for a small group of teams to work directly with, so go sign up.

Jetpack Compose is stable and ready for production. We’ve been thrilled to see tens of thousands of apps start using Jetpack Compose in production and we continue to build our roadmap of features to enable you to use Compose to create excellent apps, across devices.