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14 November 2022

Platform Track at Android Developer Summit '22

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Posted by Dan Galpin (@dagalpin), Developer Relations EngineerToday marks the final track for Android Developer Summit: the Platform Track, focused on developer features and guidance around Android 13. With your help, we're making the platform more private and secure, more personal, and more capable than ever. Tune into the livestream and watch the full playlist on YouTube! And if you’ve got any burning questions, be sure to Tweet them using #AskAndroid; at the end of our livestream, we’ll be assembling the Android experts to help answer them live; tune in at 12:30PM to see if we answer your question live! Here are the top 3 takeaways from the Platform track, and be sure to watch the full Platform session playlist on YouTube:

#1 – Security and Privacy

The first step to take advantage of Android 13's new security and privacy features is to Migrate Your Apps to Android 13, making sure that your app not only works great but also takes advantage of some of the new stuff Android 13 has to offer. We also cover what's Next Up on the Privacy Sandbox, Everything about Storage on Android, Demystifying Attestation, and how to Foster User Trust by Adopting Privacy-respecting Permission Workflows.The Photo Picker is an example of an easy to use API that gives users a great photo and video selection experience while minimizing app permissions. The rich Photo Picker experience will be supported back to Android 11 using an SDK Extension, a technology that uses Google System Updates with Modular System Components to add functionality to an OS release.
Photo Picker
Easy to integrate
A great user experience for browsing and selecting photos and videos
No runtime permissions
Updated independently of the platform
Cloud integration coming soon!

#2 – Personalization

When it comes to personalization, we teach Building for a Multilingual World, Building Modern Android App WidgetsDesigning a High Quality App with the Latest Android Features, and Building Accessibility Support for Compose — all ways that help make sure that your apps support the way your users use their devices.

Themed app icons allow your app icon to harmonize with user-selected theme colors, while Widgets allow users to literally use your app as part of their customized experience.
Themed app icons
App icons in supported launchers are tinted to inherit theme colors.
Requires apps to have both an adaptive icon and a monochromatic app icon

#3 – Capabilities

We're extending the capabilities of the platform to support the latest media and communications standards and more, so we're walking you through Presenting a High-quality Media Experience for all Users, Improving Your Social Experience Quality with Android Camera, how to handle Capture, Playback, and Sharing 10BIT Video, supporting BLE Audio in your Voice Communications Applications, an Introduction to Ultrawide-band on Android, the latest in Android Graphics, how to start Syncing Data with Health Connect, and implementing Hardware Acceleration for ML on-device. We even shared how to Migrate to Play Billing Library 5 and what it does to make subscriptions more flexible on Google Play.

To learn more about how you can secure your app, maximize user privacy, make your app part of a more personal Android, leverage new platform capabilities, and more, check out the full playlist.