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07 February 2023

Hundreds of thousands of developers are learning Jetpack Compose

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Posted by the Android teamJetpack Compose is Android’s modern UI toolkit which is used by many well-known apps such as Pinterest, SoundCloud and Lyft. It enables developers to more intuitively and efficiently build better quality Android apps. To help developers around the world take advantage of these benefits, we launched Compose Camp, an Android meetup series where developers were able to learn Jetpack Compose, network with peers, and work on hands-on coding projects together, with the guidance of “Camp Leaders” who facilitated the sessions.

Illustration of a hexagonal shaped, Compose Camp scout badge
To help developers across different experience levels, Compose Camp offered 2 tracks. The beginner track was aimed at individuals new to Android development or coding. In this track, developers learned the basics of building Android apps and how to create UI with Compose. The experienced track was designed to help developers who were already familiar with building for Android, but wanted to learn how to use Jetpack Compose. Developers learned more advanced concepts in layouts, theming, architecture, migration, and more.

Campers around the world

It was great to see hundreds of thousands of you around the world participate in Compose Camp! Whether it was through a Google Developer Group, Google Developer Student Club, with your peers and colleagues, or if you went “solo-camping” and took the course on your own, we saw how many of you were engaged in the learning materials, recorded your sessions so you can help others, and shared your projects on social with #ComposeCamp.
Headshot of Rahul Sain, smiling
We heard from Rahul Sain, an enthusiastic Android developer who was a Compose Camp Leader for GDSC Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology - Delhi. 
“Compose Camp enabled me to educate others about new technologies used by developers, and helped me learn about them in the process. Our college now has a group of fellow developers who concentrate solely on the development of Android apps."
 Rahul has built several of his own apps, including, which he built using Jetpack Compose. 
 “I used Jetpack Compose in my published game, which has received more than 10,000 installs in the first three months of its release!”
Photograph of Madona Wambua smiling and interacting with her students during a Compose Camp session
We also had the opportunity to hear from Madona Wambua, a Google Developer Expert and Senior Android Engineer at Western Governors University, residing in New York. She visited Kenya for an extended vacation, during which she led Compose Camp sessions through the Google Developer Group and Women Techmakers Nairobi chapters. Madona led her students through the beginner track of Compose Camp, and added additional activities to keep students engaged as her fun spin on the program. 
“Compose Camps are engaging and fun! Some of my favorite parts were when the students saw how cool it was to use one language to write the UI, and asked questions about Kotlin. I love teaching; when I see my students solving problems together, sharing ideas, and learning how easy it is to write their UI in Compose, this warms my heart.”

If you’re looking to lead a learning session with your peers, check out the Compose Camp Organizer Guide for everything you need to lead an Android development workshop.

Learning tips from the community

Everyone has different methods for learning something new, so we asked Compose Camp participants to share their favorite tips and tricks for learning Jetpack Compose, and these were some of our favorite answers. We hope they help you on your Android development learning journey:

Check out the Compose samples and the Now in Android(NiA) app from Android on GitHub. They are great assets for learning Compose best practices! 😍😊” -Odin from Norway

“Use [the] Accompanist animation library to add cool animations in your Compose UI.” -Mansi from GDG Ahmedabad in India

“One magic word for Android developers’ ears, Modifier. Make round edges, draw borders, and set shadows with ease. Learn Modifier, and the flexibility of customization [in] your UI elements is insane.” -Ban from Montenegro

@PreviewParameter provides sample data for Composables, which allows a preview of the Composable and accelerates development by providing sample data.” -Google Developer Expert Nav Singh from GDG Montreal in Canada

For more tips on learning Compose, check out the Compose Basics series on the Android Developers YouTube channel.
Illustration of three diverse, happy Compose campers looking at a laptop device

Advance your learning and get started with Compose

We recommend using Jetpack Compose if you’re looking to build a new app, and you can use the same development concepts to extend your app to tablets, foldables, and Wear OS. In case you missed Compose Camp or if you’re looking to deepen your learning, you can take the Jetpack Compose for Android Developers or the Android Basics with Compose courses online now. For additional Android learning opportunities in your local area, check out our Google Developer Communities near you.

Happy Composing!