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07 February 2023

#WeArePlay | Meet Valentin from Austria. More stories from Spain, Argentina and Azerbaijan

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Posted by Leticia Lago, Developer MarketingIn our first batch of #WeArePlay stories for 2023, discover the inspiring app founders sharing their knowledge with millions around the world: from cooking up the best recipes, learning better ways to stay healthy, finding the best spots for photography or sharing tips to nail that next exam.

First, we begin with Valentin from Austria. With hotelier and restaurateur parents, Valentin grew up learning about the challenges of the hospitality sector. As he was a better programmer than a cook, he decided to not join the industry. But at 22 - whilst successfully working abroad - he felt his life was lacking purpose. Valentin went back to his hometown and, after hearing his parents had troubles with hiring, created a hospitality recruitment app with co-founders Tobias and Juan. When Covid hit however, Gronda transformed into a platform for chefs to share and monetize their recipes, inspiring other culinary lovers. Next, Gronda wants to help ambitious chefs worldwide unleash their full potential.
Next, a few more stories from around the world:
  • Clara runs a longevity clinic in rural Valencia where people learn to live a longer, healthier life. It’s powerful knowledge and she knew it could go far beyond her little village, so with husband Juan and his university friend David, they created their company Hearts Radiant. Their app, Rosita, gives seniors long term physical and mental health plans, some spanning ten years or more.
    #WeArePlay Juan Clara & David Rosita Longevity Cofrentes, Spain Google Play
  • When Noel from Argentina was traveling the world, he discovered he’d missed a beautiful viewing point in Italy. This gave him the idea for NoFilter - an app compiling the best photography spots around the world. Next, Noel wants to launch more features for customized trip planning and offer travelers options to go carbon neutral.
    #WeArePlay Noel Broda Noel Cordoba, Argentina Google Play
  • After a series of hackathons and coding all-nighters, top students Amiraslan and Orkhan launched Oxuyan (“scholar” in Azerbaijani), a platform for publishing exams and testing knowledge. Education had been a ticket to so much opportunity for Amiraslan, including studying abroad and traveling Europe, so his motivation was to make learning accessible to everyone.
    #WeArePlay Amiraslan & Orkhan Oxuyan Baku, Azerbaijan Google Play

    Check out all the stories now at and stay tuned for even more coming soon.

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